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Hot Shot Dispatch Services

EZ Haul Transport strives on it's ability to grasp market changes and negotiate rates. We book the loads and allow you to focus on the road ahead.  Our team of expert dispatchers go to work for you. It's really that simple. 

Here's how it works...


  • Monthly Planning- Every week our dispatchers will consult with you on what your profit goals are for the month and what is needed to reach your expectations. 

  • We negotiate on your behalf and book freight at the highest margins available.  

  • Trust and transparency is never an issue which is why we will send you all rate cons directly after the booking of every load.  

  • You then can decide on billing the customer directly or work with a factoring company which allows you complete control of your funds.  

  • All contracts and filings are completed by our dispatching office so that you never have to worry about sending W-9s, proof of authority or insurance documents.  

  • EZ Haul bills you directly  with a complete breakdown of services rendered. 

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